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 Your Spider Room - The Big No No's

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Your Spider Room - The Big No No's Empty
PostSubject: Your Spider Room - The Big No No's   Your Spider Room - The Big No No's EmptySun Jan 31, 2010 12:09 am

>Beware of household cleaners
If you have some cleaning to do in your spider room use:
Simple green
Simple orange

Spiders are very sensitive when it comes to chemicals, they may not be dead immediately but they can get very sick.

>Do not smoke
Nicotine and second hand smoke will damage the organs of you spider.

>Do not use scented candles or scented stuff that you plug into your outlet
Spiders are again sensitive to chemicals, that includes airborne chemicals harmless to humans and pets.

>Do not play loud music
Spiders are fine tuned, they will feel deep and high frequencies that you can't hear or feel.This includes close Tv's, Music players or any loud sound close to the tank. The vibrations from the different kind of frequencies are stronger when you play loud music or movies.

>Be careful with mothballs, flea and insect repellent
Everything that kills an insect will affect or kill your spider, also if you pet your dog, cat, ferret anbd it has some kind of repellent wash your hands before working with your spiders or their tanks.

>Wash your hands
You have naturally dirty hands if you work in your yard, clean your house, went outside
To protect your spiders from harm, ALWAYS wash your hands.

>Read Labels
Many paints, wood stains contain harmfull chemicals that may kill your spider or make them very sick, even ORGANIC paints and wood stains. Remove your spiders when painting or staining, most of the products will lose their toxins when dry.

I hope that helps a little, I wish somebody had told me alot of these things when I started with the hobby.

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Your Spider Room - The Big No No's
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