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 Getting Another Tarantula

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PostSubject: Getting Another Tarantula   Getting   Another   Tarantula EmptyMon Feb 01, 2010 9:52 am

Currently I have a 3 yr. old male Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula that I've had for 2 wks. now. I'm really interested in getting another Tarantula. Do you suggest I should wait a while since this is my first t before going out & getting another one? Do you have recommendations of what kind of tarantula species I should get since I'm still fairly new to the hobby? I'm thinking of either getting a Mexican Red Knee, Mexican Red Rump, or the Brazilian Black & White Tarantula. Getting   Another   Tarantula Icon_lol
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PostSubject: Re: Getting Another Tarantula   Getting   Another   Tarantula EmptyTue Feb 02, 2010 1:06 am

If you have a setup ready for your new 8-leged friend why not.

The mexican red rump would be a great choice, since this spider will have a medium size and is pretty hardy - in terms of if you do anything wrong (temp. or hum. wrong) she/he will not die.
Also they are very low priced in comparison to other tarantula species.

The set up is like the one for the rosehair, only the red rump likes it moist (but not wet).
Food is the same and usually they are well tempered, also their color is really pretty, as with the rosehair the red rump has irritating hair that can cause itchy hives.

In the wild they live near rivers and streams in little caves.

At home
TEMP: not below 71F in the winter and in the summer near 80F
HUM: if you have over 50% humidity in you house, a little bit of water ever 3 to 4 days should keep the hum. level up.

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Getting Another Tarantula
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