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 My Chilean Rose Behavior in General

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PostSubject: My Chilean Rose Behavior in General   Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:00 am

Recently, my 3 yr. old Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula's been active & crawling up his artificial plant in the tank & either sitting on top of one of the leaves or hanging on the screen cover inside. I know that Chilean Rose's are considered burrowing t's & not arboreals (tree climbers), though I've also read they're good escape artists too. Is this just normal behavior for this species? He also hasn't really been burrowing in the soil since I bought him 2 wks. ago. And last night I fed 2 lg. crickets to my tarantula & this morning I couldn't find the remains of the cricket or anything & I know he grabbed both of them. I know tarantulas suck the fluid from the crickets instead of eating them & usually leave the carcass. I'm just curious of why I couldn't find the leftover cricket carcass.
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PostSubject: Re: My Chilean Rose Behavior in General   Wed Feb 03, 2010 2:09 pm

Yes thats pretty normal, my rosehair did not dig for a minute, actually she sits most of the time outside in the open.
The are great escape artist - you got that right
I have a heavy lid with two snaps on, because she tried to open it, they are able to climb and run along the lid (mine is zoomesh), so dont be fooled.
However it is very dangerous for the spider to climb, because if she falls down she can hurt her abdomen really bad - worst case - she may die if the injury is to severe. To prevent high up climbing you can raise the level of substrate or get a lower tank/enclosure.

Crickets...sometimes the wasteball is really tiny and it gets lost with the suroundings, also some spiders will build it in their "flooring" or their "walls". Whatever you can find, just pick it out, if you have trouble finding the wasteball and you have little flies in your enclosures or tanks use some (richorhina tomentosa) Dwarf Tropical Woodlice, they aretiny and eat waste products.

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My Chilean Rose Behavior in General
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