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 Humidity and substrate soil

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PostSubject: Humidity and substrate soil   Humidity   and  substrate   soil EmptyFri Feb 05, 2010 11:56 am

I keep a record daily of the humidity/temperatures in my Chilean Rose's tank & recently I've noticed the humidity's been dropping down in the low 50% & early this morning, the humidity was 48%! That seems very low! And so I turned down the heating lamp light a little, to see if that'll do anything for the humidity & earlier, the humidity jumped up to 58%. And the temp in the tank fluctuates anywhere from the low to almost high 70's. I know you told me to empty a part of the substrate I'm using & mix it with dry substrate. Do you mean to mix the substrate I already have, or should I get another type of substrate, like Eco Earth for example? I have 2 bricks left of the Plantation Tropical Terrarium substrate soil, so should I just soak another brick in a bucket of water just like I did the last time & add more of it, or get eco earth & mix that in? I also read in one of my Tarantula books that the humidity should be between 60-70%, esp. for a Chilean Rose Hair. Humidity   and  substrate   soil Icon_twisted
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PostSubject: Re: Humidity and substrate soil   Humidity   and  substrate   soil EmptySat Feb 06, 2010 9:33 am

If you have some substrate left over just moisten it a little not to much and mix it under your old substrate. What is the temperature in your tank ?
I know that if your surrounding temp is lower the less humidity you will have. Only other way would be to heat the room up if you do not have a bigger tank. If you want a permanent solution, a seperate enclosure will be the easiest way out. Like a big old store counter (with the galss front) or an old aquarium thats leaking.
If you heat up them up and have your tanks inside, the rising temp and warm surroundings will help with evaporation. As long as you room is way colder than the tank humidity will always be an inssue.

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Humidity and substrate soil
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