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 Purchasing Tarantulas through mail & water misting

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PostSubject: Purchasing Tarantulas through mail & water misting   Wed Feb 10, 2010 12:24 pm

Do you it's a good idea to purchase a Tarantula through the mail? I know there's so many places online that breed & sell either captive-bred or wild caught Tarantulas that I'm kind of hesistant about buying one through the mail, esp. since you don't get the chance to see the species you're interested in buying first, or observing it to see if it's a healthy specimen & all & there's no guarantee that your Tarantula will arrive in the mail to you alive. Also, since I'm still having some problems with the substrate soil being moist & I'm going to mix in that echo earth substrate you recommmended I use, should I still be water spraying the soil in one spot like you once mentioned. I still keep a water dish available to my Tarantula at all times. Thanks for the compliment too about how I'm taking the time out to ask all these questions I have re: my Chilean Rose Hair & it's heath, general care, etc. I do consider myself a very dedicated, serious & responsible Tarantula pet owner since this is my first one & I keep daily records of the humidity/temp readings, when I feed crickets to my Tarantula & if he accepts it or not, jot down any observation notes re: my Tarantula's behavior or just in general & when I'm holding my Tarantula & how he reacts. Thanks for all the help you've given me so far in answering my questions & suggestions for my Tarantula "Venom".
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PostSubject: Re: Purchasing Tarantulas through mail & water misting   Thu Feb 11, 2010 9:26 am

No problem
Ok, the thing with mail is trust. Some people are just as bad as they come, they will send you half dead Slings or their packaging is real bad or you never get a package at all.
Here are some guide lines that should help a little:

1< Ship overnight and track the package on a regular basis through out the day.
2< Arrange shipping so that you will be home on the day of arrival to accept the package.
3< To be on the save side, the sender should always demand a signature at delivery.
4< Google people or find any other source of references (ATS has an option for responses and some other boards will to, people post most of the time in more places). Message boards and Forums are to your advantage, read a little bit about the people you want to buy from.
5< Always use a credit card for payment, no cash, check or money order. With a credit card it is easier to dispute a claim (for instance there was just a sock or a stone in the package).

My first bigger patch of spiders was via mail and I had no probs, got them from patrick (ATS). One way or the other you will have to deal with mail, since in most cases you will not always find the species you want locally.

Sometimes you can find some tarantulas on craigslist to.

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Purchasing Tarantulas through mail & water misting
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