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 My Tarantula eating again & heating pad

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My  Tarantula   eating    again   &   heating    pad Empty
PostSubject: My Tarantula eating again & heating pad   My  Tarantula   eating    again   &   heating    pad EmptyMon Feb 22, 2010 10:39 am

This past Sat. night, I offered my Chilean Rose Hair a crickert to see if he'd accept it or not since I believed he was getting ready to molt soon & low & behold, he grabbed it right away while I was holding the cricket in front of him using the tongs. So now that he accepted the cricket, should I go ahead & give him another one? I feed him twice a week ( 2 crickets each). I'm guessing since my tarantula ate the cricket, that he won't be be molting right now. I have read that sometimes a Tarantula may stop eating for a while for some reason & to not panic, just as long as they still have water available. Maybe he just wasn't plain hungry last week when he didn't accept the cricket. Also, you asked me where my humidity/temperature gauges are located in my T's tank? I have them both attached to the inside glass in the back of the tank on each side where they're suctioned cupped to the glass. I did go out yesterday & bought a new heating pad for a 10-gallon & placed it on the outside of the tank glass in the back & since then, the humidity's fluctuated around 67, 66, 63 & 62% & the temp's been staying in the low 70's! I don't know how I can raise the temp a little higher. I'm not using the heating lamp light right now since u told me it'll just dry my t out. The regular temp in our house really stays in the 60's, although this past wknd, I've had the basement temp up around 67-70 degrees. And right now, the humidity's around 68% & the temp's only 65! That's kinda low!

I do have a basement window in my bedroom where there's curtains in front & during the day I open both sides to allow light to come in & then at 6 pm, I close the curtains after it's dark out. Should I go ahead & add a little more Eco Earth w/ the other soil & maybe that'll raise the temp back into the mid 70's?
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My  Tarantula   eating    again   &   heating    pad Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Tarantula eating again & heating pad   My  Tarantula   eating    again   &   heating    pad EmptySat Mar 06, 2010 12:12 pm

Have you tried to partialy use the heating lamp ?
Maybe that does the trick.
The thing is, the humidity is realy important thing, if your T is a little cooler then usuall, she wil be ok. Their natural habitat is cold at that time of the year, wildcaught animals will go in hybernation, since this would be the time.
Humidity on the other hand is a important factor for your T's health. Dehydration if it's severe will lead to deseases and in some cases to death.
I am sorry that I am not able to help you more, but your situation is kinda tricky.

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My Tarantula eating again & heating pad
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