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 Handling my Tarantula Again

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PostSubject: Handling my Tarantula Again   Handling  my   Tarantula   Again EmptyMon Feb 22, 2010 10:47 am

Since my Chilean Rose Hair accepted a cricket on Sat. evening & I guess he won't be molting just yet (I'm sure he'll be molting soon), I handled my Tarantula in my hand last night & he came right up onto my arm & sleeve & seemed quite happy & relaxed. I only hold him for about 5-10 mins maximum. Is it ok to handle my T like I used to once a day, or every other day esp. since he's not getting ready to molt since he ate a cricket 2 nights ago? I just don't want to stress him out too much & I remember u telling me changing the tank set up will only stress him out, or was that only if he's getting ready to actually molt?
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PostSubject: Re: Handling my Tarantula Again   Handling  my   Tarantula   Again EmptySat Mar 06, 2010 12:28 pm

Changing a tank setup, transfering the T to a new tank, transport,....that all stresses a T out, regardless of their cycle.
A Tarantula is blind and orients itself by laying out a "raster", like a chess board. Every invasion in their habitat will result in being stressed. Sometimes you will notice it and sometimes you will not, since spiders have no mimic or certain familiar behavior it is realy hard to tell.
The handling of a T is always a heavy disscused subject, since there are people who oppose the handling of T and people who say it is okay to do so once in a while.
It realy depends on how comfortable you are handling your T. Some individualls are more open for it then others. Generally a T will not "enjoy" a ride outside the tank (since they are blind she is lost). A "relaxed" sitting usually indicates that she is at a loss and is in shock. In my collection was only one spider who was not affected by handling (was the foto T and the one that people could touch).
If your T is ok and still eats I would not worry, but every day seems a little though.
T's can't be trainend. They will never be docile or well behaved. A T has no knowledge of it's owner and is not able to establish a relationship. Social interaction is alien to the T.
Therefore T's are in human terms not capable of being "happy" "sad" "angry"...
I am convinced that they have feelings and an understanding of their surrounding, but in their own terms.

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Handling my Tarantula Again
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