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 My Chilean Rose not eating & heating lamp

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My   Chilean   Rose    not   eating   &   heating   lamp Empty
PostSubject: My Chilean Rose not eating & heating lamp   My   Chilean   Rose    not   eating   &   heating   lamp EmptyMon Apr 26, 2010 10:08 am

My male Chilean Rose Tarantula hasn't been eating any of the crickets I've been offering him for at least the past 3 or so weeks. After I throw in a cricket near "Venom", he'll either jump away or just crawl away & I leave the cricket in there till the next morning & remove it if he still hasn't touched it. I'm guessing either he's possibly just "Fasting" ( I've read that Tarantulas, esp. the Chilean Rose's) can go w/out eating for weeks, or even months I've read while fasting & just to make sure they have a constant supply of drinking water which I always do. Or possibly he's getting ready to "molt"? Also, I'm still using the heating lamp light over my T's screen cover; it's a 75 watt red light that I keep on real low 24 hrs. a day. Should I switch to say lower wattage red bulb, like a 40 watt since it's now springtime here & the warm weather's coming? I've noticed when I turn off the heating lamp, the temp in my T's tank starts dropping down into the low 60's, but the humidity goes up. I have a Terrarium Animals from A-Z guide book that says the humidity should be 60-80% for the Chilean Rose, the temp should be 68-71.5 degrees in places & 61-68 degrees at night & lighting should be 8-10 hrs according to the book I read. I know Chilean Rose's are from the Atacama desert, which is one of the driest deserts around. My   Chilean   Rose    not   eating   &   heating   lamp Icon_twisted
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My Chilean Rose not eating & heating lamp
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