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 My Mexican Red Knee Hasn't Been Eating Lately

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PostSubject: My Mexican Red Knee Hasn't Been Eating Lately   Thu May 27, 2010 11:05 am

I've had my female Mexican Red Knee T for over 2 1/2 weeks. now & I've attempted feeding her crickets 3 times now; actually the first time I gave her a cricket on May 14th (Fri night) I'm 100% guessing she ate the cricket since there was no carcass left the next morning anywhere & no sign of a live cricket; but the last 2 occasions, she simply refused to eat the crickets, esp. last Sun evening I placed 2 crickets in there & she started kicking urticating hairs a little.

I have read that Mexican Red Knees can be very fussy (choosy) eaters & the woman who sold her to me in New Hampshire told me she recently molted about 2 weeks before I purchased her & she told me I shouldn't worry too much about this, she wouldn't recommend for me to give her a cockroach, but a pinkie mouse's fine too. The current humidity in "Hade's" tank is 70% & the temp's 81 degrees. Do u have any recommendations of what I should possibly to to hopefully get her to eat; try a different diet; like a pinkie mouse maybe like I mentioned, or hopefully overtime she'll start eating the crickets again?! I do have fresh cold water in her water dish available at all times too.
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My Mexican Red Knee Hasn't Been Eating Lately
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