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 Is My Chilean Rose Really Molting?

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Is  My  Chilean   Rose   Really   Molting? Empty
PostSubject: Is My Chilean Rose Really Molting?   Is  My  Chilean   Rose   Really   Molting? EmptyThu May 27, 2010 11:24 am

My male Chilean Rose's been hiding (burrowing) under its cave since May 3, when I noticed him digging soil using his rear legs & then covered up the entrance w/ the soil & silk webs. I did lift up his cave a couple days ago just to see if "Venom"'s still alive & doing well & as soon as I lifted up the cave, he came bolting right out & was likely startled & I probably did annoy the hell out of him too. After that, he was sitting out on the open for a long while near the front of the tank & then later I noticed he was back in his cave again burrowing under. It's been over 3- 3 1/2 wks. since he's been hiding from me & I'm just making educated guesses that he's getting ready to molt pretty soon ( in pre-molt)! The current humidity's 72-73% & the temp's 80 degrees. I do know that in order for Tarantulas to have a successful molt, that the humidity has to be kept high & the temp's supposed to be at a reasonable range too. I haven't since then bothered to look under his cave to see if he's alive or getting ready to molt & I feel I should just let him be for now & just make sure to keep both the humidity/temp up & for his waterdish to be kept full at all times! Is  My  Chilean   Rose   Really   Molting? Icon_cool
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Is My Chilean Rose Really Molting?
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